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paint correction prime car care



The paint correction process involves the removal of various imperfections, such as fine scratches, etching, acid rain etching, swirl marks, water spots, bird droppings, buffer trails and some deep scratches. We utilise professional tools and products to ensure high-quality results. The process typically includes the following steps:

Prime car care takes pride in offering expert paint restoration services to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of your vehicle. This intricate, multi-step process demands skill, experience and specialised equipment, tools and products.

This specialised service is not typically available at local car washes. In fact, these car washes often contribute to swirls and scratches on your vehicle's surface. To determine if your vehicle requires paint restoration, inspect it in direct sunlight for spider-web-like marks and swirls, which indicate the need for our paint correction services.

Prime car care's paint restoration process is crucial for maintaining your vehicle's external appearance. Not only does it eliminate existing imperfections, but it also offers protection against future damage.

To restore your vehicle's original shine and sparkle, schedule a paint restoration appointment with Prime car care

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