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prime car care ceramic coating


At Prime car care, we provide an advanced ceramic coating service that offers a long-lasting, high-gloss finish and remarkable protection for your vehicle’s paintwork. Our innovative ceramic coating bonds with the paintwork to create a new, durable surface layer that offers exceptional resistance to UV rays, dirt, water and scratches. It also makes your vehicle much easier to clean.


Our cutting-edge ceramic coating treatment provides unparalleled protection compared to other products on the market. This revolutionary product is applied to paintwork and alloys, creating a resilient, clear layer that preserves your vehicle’s bodywork for up to 5 years. It can be applied to both new and used vehicles.

The ceramic coating is a multi-layered, liquid nano-ceramic that creates a permanent, deep gloss layer. The nano-technology forms an extra layer on top of your vehicle’s lacquer, preventing exterior and interior degradation for most of its lifetime.

The smooth, treated surface repels dirt, brake dust and tar, making it easier to maintain your vehicle’s appearance without the need for extensive polishing.

With our ceramic coating, light scratches and other common concerns, such as bird droppings or children playing near the car, are no longer a source of stress. The additional layer serves as a reliable guard for your paint and lacquer. Moreover, the nano-technology offers UV protection, reducing the risk of paint damage due to sun exposure.

A one-time application (when applied correctly), our ceramic coating can only be removed through wet sanding and heavy chemicals, making it far superior to sealants or waxes that degrade quickly.

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